Congratulations, Fr. Jean Marie, F.SS.R!


  1. Michael Sheehan

    Did St Alphonsus say the words of consecration, without Enim in the text?. This is My Body. (Hoc est enim Corpus Meum)
    Has any one got a copy of the Text quoted?

  2. A

    Are you all ordained by Bishop’s with Traditional ordination and traditional consecration holy orders?
    Or,do you all use novus ordo bishops with post 1969 ordination post 1969 Consecration orders?
    What is your all’s opinion on the Mendez and Thuc line ordinations & consecrations?
    Do you all encourage or observe fasting after midnight for Holy Communion?
    What is your opinion on Roman Catholics who observe the entirety of every pre-1950 tradition in obedience to Session 7 Canon 13 Council of Trent?

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